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Welcome To NightMare City!


The bus drops you off in the little town-called-city. You look around nervously; waiting for someone to jump out and kill you. But it never happens. Although the name makes the town sound horrible, it is filled with many amazing and nice people who want you to feel welcome. As you walk down the street, you hear two females singing in amazing harmony. You look to find to girls singing about flowers and butterflies in a butterfly garden. As you continue your walk, you see two police officers joking around as a K-9 Unit Dog sit happily at the female cop's feet. At the end of your journey, you pass a large yellow house with a young man sitting in the front yard under a tree; read a book intently. [see NightMare City contest below].

This is your home now. Join us! 

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Book 4: Small Town Friendship is up! 

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Comment on the chapters you read so that LCMJ can improve her writing skills! A post is normally created after each chapter by LCMJ in the roleplay forum area.

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NightMare City Contest!

**Okay seriously, we need at least one entry for this you guys!** 

 I posted this in the blog, but no one entered/read it. So I am putting it on the home page in hopes that people will see it and enter it!

 Okay, considering that fact that no one even did this contest, I am making the time period a little bit different. It will be until we have at least two entries. We seriously need this contest to be finished. The site description as of now is this, "Create your own character and Role play them inside Nightmare City." Isn't that boring? Another thing that needs to be changed is the opening paragraph on this page. You can do only one or both of them. So, here are your rules:


1. It has to be fun and entertaining to read as well as compelling enough for people to want to come and check out/sign up for NightMare City.

2. Do NOT submit your entry as a comment anywhere or a chat post in the chat box. It will be deleted.

3. When submitting your entry, private message me (ERLi) and I will add it the the entry list.

4. Do NOT copy anyone else's ideas or writing. As in, DON'T PLAGARIZE!

5. Have fun writing it! I don't want you to get bored with it right from the begining!

6. Don't be repeative and try to use different words that you wouldn't use normally. Like instead of the word "go", maybe you could use the word "proceed" or "advance". To find new words for old ones, use a Thesaurus or a Dictionary.

7. If you are doing the site description, it can only be 25 words or less. The paragraph on the home page has to be at least three sentences long.

Jobs Needed - NOT FINISHED!

  • Architects - to build new constructions and buildings in NightMare City
  • Automotive Mechanics - to repair the citizens' broke auto-motives.
  • Carpenters - to carpet citizens' homes when called upon.
  • Childcare Worker - to take care of citizens' children while their parents are at work or doing errands.
  • Doctors - to take care of sick or injured citizens' at the hospital
  • Electrician - to work on citizens' electrical units at home.

NightMare City Founded (Also, The Story of the Sims Family Revealed)

This story was written by Charlene Buskirk (ERLi) with help from John Wagner (he wrote the last paragraph). Do not claim as your own work! Also please note, this is supposed to be a short story, so it's not very long like the Chronicles.

It was a long and hard journey with a pregnant wife and an stubborn man like me. Lucy was always complaining about how I should like her parents more. I found it impossible to do with them so demanding of me to be proper and gentlemen like. I was to outdoors man to be gentlemen.

Almost out of Michigan, entering Indianna, was a abandoned city full of blackened buildings, tall and taunting. The street was torn and deserted. We got curious and eventually found someone to explain the story of the city. He told us that a war that started further away eventualy landed in the fair city. It destroyed a lot and many were slaughtered. Many people fled after the battle because they said that ghosts walked the streets and haunted it. It was nicknamed NightMare City.

My wife and I decided we would rebuild it, ghosts or no ghosts. We visited her parents in Arizonna, what fun THAT was, then we went back and began the construction. A week or so after we began, Sawyer was born. At age 5, Sawyer had taken an interest in nature and building things. He was always working on some complicated contraption. I was proud of him. A year later, came Echo. Echo also came to love nature. She and Sawyer were inseperable. I remember them playing football in the front yard of our new house. Echo was as good as any professional football player, which, in no offense to woman, surprised me.


Lucy has left us. With only 6 year old Saywer, Echo at age 5, and me left. She left suddenly, taking nothing and saying no goodbyes. Sawyer and Echo hadn't really noticed considering after Echo was born she became a gambiler and a drinker. I have no clue why. She never saw her children much anyway. Even through that all, I took it hard. I loved Lucy.

Years Later...

Echo has just turned seventeen! Sawyer, now eighteen, was happy and got Echo an iPod Touch. Boy did she love that gift! The party was fun but simple. I remember everything we did....

A week later...

After father died, I didn't know WHAT to do. I was lost; confused. All the family I had was Sawyer. With my mom gone and now my dad to, I felt lonely. I think Sawyer did too. Sawyer became the mayor, because he was oldest (only by a year though! (no bragging Sawyer!)) He didn't expect to become mayor so soon. Dad died of Lung Cancer, although, I had no clue he even HAD Lung Cancer, he hadn't told me and never showed any hard time breathing or anything. It's hard for me to conceal my grief and lonliness, it's in my genes. I KNOW Dad missed mom, even though I don't remember her at all. Neither does Sawyer. Everything has changed. It's not a friendly atsmosphere anymore with Dad gone. He built this city. Of course, my best mates, Luna and Rissa have been supportive, everyone has. I wish Sawyer didn't keep to himself. He never really tells people his problems or secrets. Trust me, I should know, it took him 2 years to tell me he liked Luna. And another 2 to finally decide to propose to her, which still hasn't happened. (Note, this all happened before the propsosal at Sparrow Lake!)

They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I thought dad would be like any other dad and now he’s gone. As Echo stated I have become mayor. It’s not all fun and games. The people expect you to do what’s best and if you don’t that’s the end of your career. Because Echo mentioned it yes I like Luna. But dad was a great man and I don’t know if I can do as well as him. But I really did not know my mother every mothers day after the day she left has always been lonely. Some times it’s just me and Echo. The only other living thin in my house is my dog Buddy. 

Member List of Active and Inactive

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  • Echo Sims (ERLi)
  • Rissa Sleekwater(ERLi)
  • Lilah Diaz (ERLi)
  • Issac Flemming(ERLi)
  • Luna McSuger (LCMJ)
  • Cody Sanders (LCMJ)
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  • Joey Millard (LCMJ)
  • Felix Albright
  • Johanna Evans (JJAR)
  • Jared Shultz (JJAR)
  • Ryan Evans (JJAR)
  • Annabelle Meadowz (JJAR)
  • Sawyer Sims
  • Theodore (Also LCMJ)

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If your character is NOT a member yet you CAN NOT use the chat boxes. Someone has been using them and they are not a member yet. If you see someone not following this rule then report it in the comment space on the rules page!!!  Also becoming a member is free, so why not make a account BEFORE using the chat boxes?!?!?!

Here is some news and a warning, Lily Sims, Rose Black, Ned Talon, and Steve Sinki have been deleted. Any other inactive people will be too. I suggest to you get back on the active list! The inactive and active list is above.

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